N.A. Semashko Central Clinical Hospital №2 of Russian Railways

The clinic was established  on 12 October 1914.  Many famous scientists joined their efforts to make a diversified medical centre.The clinic  is famous as ‘Oxford-on-Yauza”.

Medical Radiology Science Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

The Centre’s specialization is “Medical radiology and radiation medicine”. It is the leading institute in development and application of high-technology radiology methods of diagnostics and therapy in medicine.

Russian Scientific Center of Radiology

RSCR, established in 1924, specializes in early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases based on clinical, ray, laboratory, cytogenetic and molecular genetic studies.  

Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry 

Conducts basic and targeted basic research in areas such as colloid and surface phenomena and adsorption processes, physical chemistry of nano-and supramolecular systems, physical-chemical problems of corrosion and protection from it, electrochemistry, protective coatings, crystallization, radiochemistry and chemistry of high-energy.

 Russian Cancer Research Center (Blokhin)

The main objectives of the Center are: basic and applied research in the field of precancerous and tumor diseases and providing high-quality medical care to oncology patients.

V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute

V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute carries out researches in nuclear physical, radiochemical, geochemical, and ecological fields, associated with the problems of nuclear power engineering, radioecology, and isotope production and represents one of Russian and world-wide leaders in these directions. The Institute actively participates in a lot of federal programs and international projects related to nuclear physics, radiochemistry, radioecology, and radio geochemistry.

Federal Medical Center of Biophysic (Burnazyan)

FMCB is the leading organization in the diagnosis and treatment of radiation injuries. It is engaged in the development of hygiene, preventive and clinical issues related to safety of nuclear industry workers, as well as the creation of new radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment of various, mainly oncological diseases.

JSC "Scientific-Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automation"

The institute develops new technologies used in the nuclear energy, mechanical engineering and metallurgy, chemical and oil and gas industry, aviation, geology, medicine and agriculture.

Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Nuclear Physics Institute ASCR, v. v. i. performs the research in a wide range of nuclear physics, both experimental and theoretical. Especially nuclear beta decays including neutrino mass problem, reactions of light and middle nuclei at low energies, heavy ion collisions at intermediate and high energies are studied. Nuclear theory is devoted to nuclear structure, hypernuclei, interactions of elementary particles with nuclei, mesonic degrees of freedom in nuclei. Selected problems of theoretical subnuclear physics and mathematical physics are studied.

The Atom-Innovation Center was set up in accordance with Order # 482 of S.V.Kirienko, head of the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy as of 04.10.2005. The main objective of the organization is to promote the development and support of the sustainable functioning of the innovation infrastructure by means of the commercialization and technology transfer of Rosatom know-hows and high-tech products.

SPE “GeoTestService”

Company is the "integrator" of technology research and processing of man-made waste deposits. The main activity is the exploration and processing of man-made waste deposits (dumps, tailings, electroplating sludge, etc.) to obtain products such as metals, diamonds and other precious stones, chemicals, fertilizers, construction materials, etc. and to eliminate environmental risks.