Gamma Radiation - Treatment of dry food and animal feed

Atommed Center LLC have a pleasure to announce and offer new services of Gamma Radiation - Treatment of dry food and animal feed for importers to Russia and CIS countries.
LLC "Center "Atommed" offers gamma radiation treatment for disinfection, cold pasteurization and extending the shelf life of dry foods and animal feeds .
This treatment is carried out on certified gamma settings that meet the requirements of RF' National Standards (GOST) ISO 14470-2014 « Radiation processing of food products» .

Facilities are located in:
• Obninsk (Kaluga region, Co-60 irradiators),
• Sothern part of Moscow (Co-60 and E-beam processing)
• Northern part of St.-Petersburg (E-beam processing only)
• Central Ekaterinburg (E-beam processing)

Requirements for development, validation and routine monitoring of the process of food irradiation with ionizing radiation (ISO 14470-2014) will come into force on 01.01.2016. In according with Technical Regulation of Customs Union 021-2011 "On safety of foods" starting from this date irradiation processing is accepted as the method for ensuring decontamination.
Considering that Russian Federation alongside with other former USSR' member states (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kirgizia) have formed Joint Customs Union and later (on Jan 1st 2012) Joint Economic Area, in accordance with Agreement on Mutual Approval of the Certificates, the certificate which have been issued in one of the member states will be accepted in all of member states mentioned above.
Advantages of beam treatment process comparing to the other forms of suppression of pathogenic organisms:
• Treatment of products is carried out when they are placed in sealed packages, which ensures long-term preservation of sterility.
• Packages with processed products do not contain carcinogenic substances as in gas sterilization.
• Products can be processed directly in the boxes and pallets delivered to the end user.
• Products can be used immediately after treatment.
• Products in processing slightly heated and not get wet.
• Radiation treatment does not produce harmful substances in the related area of the plant.

Type of product - powders , cereals , dried whole objects and cutting, individual products liquid consistency , preserves in plastic packaging , feed in any form , individually packaged products and finish packing and shipping container or group
If necessary, our company is ready to assist in the following issues:
• development of technological regulations for your products:
• logistics support
• customs clearance
• microbiological analysis of contamination at the accredited laboratory.
We can offer the method of irradiation processing according phytosanitary requirements of Joint Customs Union regulation.
For pricing and timing of irradiation, we ask you to provide following information:
1)Name of company, country;
2) Contact person;
3) Point of entry and means of transportation (air, ground, sea) to RF/CIS;
4) Type of product;
5) Packing (dimension, size, weight, density);
6) Form of products supplied to irradiation:
a) on a pallet with a individual package;
b) formed in the pallet (covered with film).

For further information on the irradiation and gamma processing please contact:
Daria Kojevatova - e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , tel./fax: +7(495)232-03-45.