Tc-99m production automatized complex

The solution of technetium is the main diagnostic radiopharmaceutical used in the radiochemical laboratories for the determination of cancer tumors. Its consumption is steadily increasing each year.
However, there are a number of objective reasons, which make it difficult to obtain this solution and to use it in medical institutions. Mo-99 is traditionally used to obtain a solution of Tc-99, but Mo-99 in turn is obtained by dividing the U-235 in a nuclear reactor. Reactors all over the world including Russia annually stop because they worked out their resource exploitation. In addition preventive work within two months is carried out on each reactor. All this leads to disruption of supply of feedstock, to noticeable rise in the cost of raw materials, and as a result to impossibility of carrying out diagnostic procedures. It is also worth noting that the solution of Tc-99, obtained by traditional method is of low quality, and 20% of researches conducted with its use are not informative.

 Project goal
Development of automatized complex for technetium-99m (99mТс) solution production on the basis of natural radionuclide molybdenum-99 (99Мо) with help of centrifugal extraction generator.

Project manager – Litvinov Igor
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