Development of radiation technology model plant for public health, industry and ecology

There are some technologies on the basis of electron accelerator usage that interesting because of commercial attractiveness.
Priority directions:
- production of polymeric materials, including one-usage medical devices and antiseptic materials;
- sterilization of one-usage medical devices;
- medical institutions waste processing;
- radiation proceeding of waste water.
The plant in “NIITFA” with electron accelerator went out of date in technological relation. In that case for tasks solution (development of normative-technical and technological documentation; manpower training for radiation technologies; development of methodical materials; model usage) it is necessary to modernize the plant
 Project goal
Development of prototype plant on the basis of electron accelerator for projecting futher modern plants and practicing technological, technical and engineering decisions on radiation technology market, adoption in practice of new innovation radiation processes in medical and chemical industry, machinery construction, ecology, etc.
At the same time the goal is a development of high-technology machinery construction system through the promotion of complex engineering services (construction on a turnkey basis) for public health (one-usage medical devices sterilization), production of radiation modified polymeric materials.

Project manager  Alexander Ryzhenko
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